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Our Focus

At Guberman Advisors, we have built a reputation for high quality financial expertise. Our team of professionals has more than 50 years of combined experience advising clients with respect to their financial assets and the impact of divorce litigation on their financial affairs. We pride ourselves on helping clients understand the financial consequence of the decisions they face through their lives.




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Areas of Practice

Litigation Support

We focus on providing highly specialized support to attorney’s and individuals involved in matrimonial disputes.  The clients and attorneys we work with rely on us for high quality forensic analysis of litigants’ income, cash flows and assets as well as expert quality opinions on the value of closely held businesses and equity based compensation programs.  We pride ourselves on helping counsel and clients to negotiate and evaluate settlement proposals, assist counsel with trial, or provide expert witness testimony.

FAmily office advisory

We provide our clients with investment monitoring and reporting, estate planning, and cash flow management advice.  We coordinate with our client’s tax and financial advisory professionals to ensure accurate and timely decision-making regarding tax filing, investment evaluation, and cash flow management.   Our professionals are proud to have been trusted to serve as trustee for clients estate planning entities.